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REVIV takes on The Breakers at Palm Beach

REVIV takes on The Breakers at Palm Beach

As a skincare enthusiast and a lover of all things luxurious, I was thrilled to be invited to meet with retail business owners and CEOs to discuss the REVIVYou skincare line at The Breakers in Palm Beach, under an umbrella by the beach. The perfect setting for discussing a skincare line that promised to nourish and rejuvenate the skin and getting it into some retail stores for better access by you, the customer.


Each meeting started with a brief introduction of the REVIV skincare line and explaining the benefits of REVIVYou Hydra+Serum Face Cream and Hydra+Plus Daily Cream and how they worked. Each were impressed with the quality of the REVIV skincare line and were eager to hear more about how they could get it into their stores. I explained that REVIV was interested in partnering with exclusive boutiques and high-end retailers, like the ones they represented, to provide a unique and luxurious experience for customers.

We discussed various ways in which the products could be presented in-store, including special displays, promotions, and exclusive events. I emphasized the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience, from the moment they entered the store to the moment they left with their purchases.



We then began discussing the benefits of the products. I explained how the ingredients in each product were carefully selected to provide exceptional results.

I also highlighted the versatility of the products. From anti-aging serums to body creams, with much more in the pipeline. REVIV offers a comprehensive range of skincare solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Everyone, including myself left the meeting feeling optimistic and excited about the potential partnership. I couldn't wait to see REVIV products on the shelves of these high-end boutiques and retail shelves and to hear about the positive experiences customers were having with the products!



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