My name is Becca Bryant and I am the CEO/Founder of REVIV. For over 28 years I have had a skin disorder called Itchyosis Vulgaris, also know as Fish Scale Disease. Through the years, I had visited multiple doctors and dermatologist and had 60+ biopsies throughout my 20’s and nothing seem to help or get to the root of the skin issue that I didn't know I had. In my 30's I finally came to the realization that there was not a solution or a cream on the market that could help me, nor make my skin look and feel better. Trust me when I say, I have bought everything - from the least expensive to the most expensive. This is when I quit going to doctors and started going to the tanning bed again just enough to help my skin pull the oils up to the surface so it wouldn’t look so bad and so dry. However I do not know exactly what caused them, but in my 40’s I developed several skin cancers that had to be surgically removed. To say I was ECSTATIC when we developed a cream and serum that actually showed me RESULTS is an understatement! With my experience of battling a skin disorder for over 28 years and trying everything from the highest skin care to home remedies, it's a FREEDOM you just wanna share with anyone else it can help!
Through our company KYC LLC, We have over 25 years of experience in business with 16 years being owned and operated by my husband and I along with our family and teams! It has been an amazing journey and through this journey we have been truly blessed. I was introduced to a US FDA Registered Pharma Laboratory in late 2021 and together we collaborated to develop a face serum and body cream that is completely unique to the market that would help my skin disorder, as well as others.
REVIVYou is the fruits of our labor, a serum for the face and a cream for the body that will "FEED" YOU SKIN. It is designed and formulated to go deep below the epidermis so that it can help the skin stay healthy, hydrated, moisturized and it can do it's main function as the protector it is - to protect us from bacteria and chemicals by being properly fed so it can help keep you healthy from infections and well hydrated and moisturized so you have smaller chances of developing a skin disorder. The REVIVYou line was developed just so that everyone can have an opportunity to truly have healthier skin from a product that REALLY works.
Coming soon we will be adding to our product lineup with an amazing new line called “REVIV pH N2 Series” that is developed and made for skin disorder such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Itchyosis Vulgaris etc.
It helped me and I hope it helps you too!